Rev John C Battel at St Joseph’s School

This is the Canon John . C Battel, a minister who had the honour of being East Kilbride’s first Parish priest in 400 years. The priest endeared himself to the hearts of the newcomers to St Brides Parish in East Kilbride picking up the  post in 1946 until 1952.

He then left for Blantyre and is pictured here giving a Latin mass in the St Joseph’s School Hall.

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  • Marian Maguire Yes my husband remembers him well

    The Blantyre Project so many people in Blantyre remember this man. I’m a non Catholic and knew him from local photos.
  • Gerard Barrett i was terrified of him when i was a kid
  • KellyAnn Maguire Ramsay Is this where dad learned the mass in Latin then they changed it to english!
  • Gary Doonin I’m sure in Latin Masses the priest looks away from the congregation. Is that right?
    Geraldine McLaughlin It is Gary, they only started to face the congregation I believe after Vatican II . Pope Benedict wanted to change it back x
    Catherine Davidson I was also very scared of him but it was monseniour Ash whom I was terrified of.
    Marian Maguire No KellyAnn Maguire Ramsay, I think dad learned it at St Cuthberts along with uncle Teddy.
    Anne Marie Murray He took ill saying 7am mass and passed away I was about 6/7 yrs at the time….

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