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Justice of the Peace: A judicial officer of a lower or court who was elected or appointed by means of a commission to keep the peace in a particular town or area. In past centuries the term commissioner of the peace was often used with the same meaning. Justices of the peace are appointed or elected from the citizens of the jurisdiction in which they serve, and are (or were) usually not required to have any formal legal education in order to qualify for the office. Some jurisdictions have varying forms of training for JPs. Often referred to as J.P in newspaper reports.

Being an unpaid office, undertaken voluntarily and sometimes more for the sake of renown or to confirm the justice’s standing within the community, the justice was typically a member of the. Until the introduction of elected county councils in the 19th century, JPs, in quarter sessions, also administered the county at a local level. They fixed wages, regulated food supplies, built and controlled roads and bridges, and undertook to provide and supervise locally those services mandated by the Crown and Parliament for the welfare of the county. Women were not allowed to become JPs in the United Kingdom until 1919, the first woman being Ada Summers, the Mayor of Stalybridge who was a JP by virtue of her office.

Adam, Anderson, Kelly, Reid, Nicol and McPherson.

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