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Travellers attacked at Doghillock, 1897

Continuing some interesting local stories from the 1890’s, which I hope you’ve heard for the first time. In May 1897, people travelling along Stoneymeadow Road near the Dalton junction were being attacked at dusk. However, it wasn’t people doing the attacking! As the sun set, travellers heading back to Blantyre found themselves under attack from […]

Children’s Jubilee Celebrations, 1897

On Tuesday 22nd June 1897, the children of the workmen of Auchinraith Colliery took part in Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, after being invited by Colliery owners. Merry & Cunninghame, (Coalmasters) reached out to the community in a rare display of generosity by sending out very artistic invitation cards directly to the children of workers, […]