Talk of War, 1898

Overhead in a Blantyre pub in May 1898, a story from the Hamilton Herald Newspaper which leaves me thinking, have things really changed?

A publican stood cleaning the glasses behind his bar, talking to an elderly customer. Speaking of the much talked about, ongoing Spanish – American war which had broken out in the Caribbean only the month before, he told the old gent, “Man, Ah’m nae sorry that it broke oot!”
“Oh, how’s that?”, the old boy asked. The publican paused and commented further….
“Weel, ye see, it takes the men in here aboot half the day t’ debate it…. an so that noo leaves them only the ither hauf o’ the day tae fight o’er fitba.”

125 years ago. A time before suitable photography, AI imagines the scene.

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