1954 Blantyre Scouts

The boys pictured here in July 1954 obviously in a happy mood are members of the various Scouting groups of Blantyre. They were photographed at the time attending their first ever District Camp over 10 day at the Havens, Alnwick, Northumberland.

It was the first time the local Scouts of 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th Blantyre had got together at one camp and according to reports, it proved a very successful holiday, with plenty of sunshine giving the boys loads of fun.

This was just 9 years after WW2, some of these kids had been post wartime babies. As the country recovered, rationing was ending and the future looked bright and hopeful.

On the first Sunday of the camp, the boys , 75 strong attended a church parade at St James Presbyterian Church, Alnwick attracting considerable local attention as they marched to and fro. Group Scoutmaster Charles Cook 3rd Scouts (Livingstone Church) was in charge of the whole party and is seen standing in the centre with SM George Clarkson (Anderson Church) on his right and A.S.M William Robertson of 2nd Blantyre (Stonefield Church) on his left.

On the extreme right of the picture holding the District colours is Scoutmaster Billy Botterill, 3rd Blantyre and on the extreme left holding the Queen’s Colours is Scoutmaster Robert Gordon of 1st Blantyre (Blantyre Old Parish Church).

With thanks to (a different) Rob Gordon for this great photo and the Blantyre Gazette for the detailed narrative.

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  1. On the left,next to Billy Botterill at the back is me (Duncan Slater)

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