1940’s Burnbank Boltworks

This photo is perhaps from the 1940s or 1950s’ and is the Boltworks in Burnbank, Hamilton. Shared here by Betty McLean, who told me, ” My father John McGill is standing…..with the black jacket.  I remember running to meet my dad as he came along Auchinraith Rd on his way to Welsh Dr after finishing his work.  He always wore a scarf at his neck. From Blantyre but maybe some of the other men are Blantyre men?”

There’s some young faces in this workers group. A long shot, but did anybody else have family who worked in the Boltworks?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Kristina McKean My Gran and Grandad stayed in Bertram Street directly across the road from the Bolt Works.
Jean Gibson my mum and dad were Matt and Jean Watson. Lived there until they died.
Marion Anderson My brother David Beattie worked there, he’d say he was a nutter in the bolt works
Archie Peat My Uncle , Robert Sharp worked there in the 50s / 60s . He was a great fitba player . Drank in the Glenlee Bar
Edd Bungle Boyle Bbh My dad worked in bolt works for a few years… he lived in springwell at the time.
Alice Hunter My auntie Bessie Hunter worked there many moons ago
Helen Allan My dad worked there in the 50s
Nicola Kane My dad worked there probably in the 70s
Marie Mc Millan My dad work there from a boy John ward
James McMillan Im sure that’s my papa in that photo
Siobhán Stevenson Both my mama and papa worked there , think it would have been the 70s. Always heard lots of stories about it.
Jim McSorley Delivered milk there for the canteen. Was called Lanarkshire Nut and Bolt
Neil Ford My Dad & Uncle Worked There In The 60s
Margaret Reilly McGinley My aunt Margaret Cavanagh, who stayed at the bottom of Logan Street at the time, worked there mid 60s/early 70s.
Wendy Wilson My Grandpa worked there & my Dad played football for the team – I have a photo somewhere, looks like the 1940s.
Nancy Sinkinson My Mum grace Beveridge worked there
Ann Hartman My uncle Robert Wildman worked in it for years
John Connolly My dad, Frank Connolly, worked there for many years in the 60s and early 70s ending up as a chargehand setter. He was also involved for some time in the works football team.
Jean Gibson I lived in Sneddon Street and when the Bolt Work finishing siren went I would rush to the gate and wave at the workers as they passed. So many people employed there.

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