Dalbeth Memorial Cleaned up

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the Blantyre man, Jimmy Small and to Frazer McGown of Joseph Potts Funeral Directors and Smiths Funeral Directors in Blantyre and Bellshill.

After seeing an article on our sister website, ‘Blantyre Project’ about the Dalbeth (St Peters) Cemetery Memorial for the Catholic miners who died in the 1877 Pit Disaster, Jimmy organised a BIG clean up of the lettering on the memorial.

The letters had faded and were in need of attention. It’s not the first time Jimmy has given attention to memorials of the 1877 Disaster, helping keep the memories of those tragic souls very much in mind.

Additionally, Frazer at the Funeral Directors has vowed to visit the cemetery and see if there is any way the letters can professionally be made more prominent, or long lasting. This is sincerely appreciated.

Following the success of last year’s new memorials, Jimmy and myself (Paul V) have embarked on another cemetery improvement project in the coming weeks, with kind ongoing assistance from planning and the council.

Meantime, as you can see from ‘before and after’ photos of Dalbeth Memorial, it was a job well done, the letters now clearly legible again! Thank you on behalf of the whole Blantyre Community gents!

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  1. Thank you for making these miners’ names refreshed in our memories!!

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