Stonefield Public Park

This next photo is of Stonefield Public Park, looking over to Glasgow Road. I haven’t got a date for this but suspect it was taken in the 1970’s. Rob Gordon, who kindly shared this can hopefully confirm.

Prominently on the right hand side, beyond the Cowan Wilson Arch is Hastie’s Farm, whitewashed in all its glory… the Annfield tenement in front of it gone. To the left of that location is Victoria Street and down from the Police Station appears a huge white marquee. I wondered if this was a visiting circus or perhaps a temporary site for the market? (though I believe the market eventually was on the other side in front of Hasties). It appears quite centrally and may have been why the photo was taken.

I’m unable to date this picture, as I can’t quite confirm if the Stonefield School is there behind the trees. It appears to be gone which is why I’m suggesting around late 70s. Certainly, it’s before Clydeview Shopping Centre being built.

More previously unseen photos coming soon.

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  1. I agree it is likely to be in the 70s – possibly 75-77, before Stonefield Park Gardens sheltered housing consumed that part of the park around the Cowan Wilson monument.

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