1930’s Glasgow Road

This photo is from the 1930s and is Glasgow Road looking eastwards towards Hamilton. Taken on the toll brae the photo used for a postcard, was likely to celebrate the removal of tram lanes from the road and to celebrate a new hard surface being laid in the carriageway.

As you see from the pavements, the tram standards are still up, but were removed shortly after.

Putting the location into context, the entrance to Victoria Street leads off to the right in the middle of the photo. The Public Park is on the left and you can see the former toilets. All these buildings are now gone. Every single one of them.

Today, this former urban, busy commercial and residential scene is now noticeably much greener but far less functional. The exact same scene, some 90 years later is shown below. I wonder what our ancestors would have made of Glasgow Road if they could see it today?

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