Inside Calder Street School

More nostalgia today as we go inside the former Calder Street School.

Built in 1912, demolished in 2011, the school situated on Calder Street, directly opposite the Police Station, lasted 98 years. Teaching generations of local children, the classrooms were large and open, something by design to accommodate 1910’s classes of 60 children each! These photos are from 2010, not long before the school was demolished.

In latter years, class sizes were a more normal 30 pupils and the school went through several additional uses in recent decades, including a temporary school for secondary pupils and in its final years, temporarily as Auchinraith Primary.

Some of these photos may bring back some memories for post Millennium pupils.

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  1. It wasn’t really temporarily Auchnraith Primary. It was called Auchinraith Primary since the late 70s.

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