Childhood Recollection, 1870’s

In October 1898, the Hamilton Herald published a few amusing and interesting anecdotes, which were remembered and told by Blantyre man, Alex McMillan. The newspaper paid money for anybody sending in their worthy recollections and some of Alex’s childhood memories are certainly worth sharing here, if only to be preserved. Like this one…..

Remembering going back to his pal’s High Blantyre home after school one day in the 1870’s, Alex McMillan remembered his pals mother saying, “Jimmy, my darling boy. You’re wearing the school medal for good behaviour today!!” She looked proud gazing upon the little silver medal on her son’s vest. “Is this finally the awaited turnaround towards better behaviour at school then?”, she said proudly. Alex looked down at the floor. Jimmy spoke up…

“Yes ma”, said Jimmy. “Tommy Roland won it, but ah told him ah’d knock the heed aff him if he didn’t give it tae me.”

Again, another memory that stuck with Alex to adulthood!

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