1863 Church at Kirkton

This sketch was drawn before 1863 and shows the former Kirk at High Blantyre cross. This was the Old Parish church previous to the existing one. This building used to be within the walls of the current kirkyard and was demolished in 1863 the same year as the current Church was built more westwards.

Stones from the steeple of this church can still be seen mounted on a cairn at the entrance to the kirkyard, directly opposite the Cornerstone pub. This sketch was over 2 decades previous to the Wardrop Moore Arch being built and the raising of the church ground and walls. Community notices appear to be fixed to the gates and church door. The little building on the left may be using some artistic license as I’m unaware of what that could be, though there were buildings at the time a little further down the road which became Douglas Street.

The sketch is featured in the Annals of Blantyre book from 1885. With thanks to Alex Rochead for the good, quality scan.

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