Campbell’s Prize Flowers

The annual 3 day Dundee Horticultural show opened on 1st September 1898 and travelling there was Mr Campbell of the Auchinraith Nursery, High Blantyre.

Mr Campbell’s nursery was formerly at the corner of Auchinraith Road and Main Street, where the current derelict Kirkton Care home now stands. 125 years ago, this land was being used for growing fruit and flowers.

Mr Campbell did well, especially with his splendid carnations. One of the choicest was “Miss Alley” a new border carnation of primrose yellow colour. These received from the judges the highest accolade, a first class merit. Mr Campbell also brought along a display of Cactus dahlias which also won a first. Such awards I’m sure would have helped his business tremendously.

Pictured is a sketch from the local newspaper of the event and to further illustrate an AI photorealistic black and white image of perhaps how it looked and felt to be at the event.

I’ve got some actual photos of Campbell’s Nursery from this era, which I’ll post soon.

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