1966 Stonefield Public Park

How about this for a fantastic photo! This was July 1966, a summer photo from 57 years ago taken at Stonefield Public Park. Luckily the Gordon family of nearby Station Road were in the park that day with a camera with colour film.

The scene looks one to Glasgow Road and Station Road and you may just be able to see the Broadway Cinema peeking through the trees at the back. The park looks well used, neat and tidy and of course the primary feature is the former popular boating pond, with children and adults alike out to enjoy themselves. The trees appear young in this photo and the County Council’s efforts to beautify the area noticeable with elevated plant beds in the background, cut grass and wooden trellises for carefully chosen climbing flowers.

A young generation today may be amazed by this photo. What was once there in the park…..

With thanks to Rob Gordon for scanning this family photo and sharing in such great resolution.

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