Blantyre Music Festival, 1898

Summer 1898 saw a huge music festival take place in Blantyre at the grounds of Blantyre Lodge (now the David Livingstone Birthplace grounds).

On the afternoon of Saturday 13th August 1898, Blantyre Parish Brass Band put on an amazing free concert. The weather was beautifully fine and well advertised in advance, attracted a huge crowd of nearly 4,000 people in all directions around the former bandstand.

White marquee tents were erected in advance in case of showers, but weren’t needed.

Major Ness. V.D presided and the large crowd heard though how Carluke and Cleland band had failed to turn up, Blantyre would extend their own performance. The programme consisted of Bellshill Union, Blantyre Parish Band, St Josephs Parish Band and the pipe band of the 2nd VBSR. The Glasgow Male Voice choir were also there putting on entertainment.

There were competitions and refreshments. This was truly the gala festival of its day and a memorable time was had by most.

With no photos as far back as this, again I’ve relied upon AI to generate a computerised image of how this may have looked.

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