Scouting Gang Show, 1954

In 1954 Blantyre had its very own Gang Show when the 3rd Blantyre Scouting troop, put on their own show on 8th and 9th April 1954. The venue was the church hall of Livingstone Memorial Church.

Rob Gordon recently shared a photo of the cast which we posted the other day. The programme proves interesting. Page 3 lists all those who took part.

The programme also had four pages of adverts. It’s interesting to see the local businesses which bought an advertising slot. But have a look at the phone numbers.…for example, McLean, the High Blantyre newsagent, has the telephone number ‘Blantyre 163’ and Walter Batters has ‘Blantyre 68’! No dialling code back then.

How many of these businesses can you remembers in the ads?

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