Model Building Society, 1898

I found evidence whilst researching 1898, that a local club “The Blantyre and Hamilton Model Building Society” existed. Rather than being a financial institution, this was a club where folk interested in the creation of models could take part in a common hobby. This involved the creation of physical models either from kits or from materials and components acquired by the builder. The kits contained multiple pieces that need to be assembled in order to make a final model, some manufactured and crafted by the members themselves.

Amongst my collection of Blantyre photos, is this one, taken by David Ritchie sometime between 1890s and 1910s. I’ve not paid much attention to it before as it clearly isn’t Blantyre and indeed I couldn’t work out what bridge it represented, though was aware it was a very accomplished model.

The best fit or background I can provide for this mystery picture, is that it perhaps had something to do with this society and likely was the effort of more than one person? Such a professional and impressive model would deserve to be photographed upon completion. I can’t find much mention otherwise of this society and think it likely was short lived. Who knows, perhaps David himself was part of this club?

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  1. A resemblance to Tower Bridge.

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