1983 Blantyre Civic Week

It’s exactly 40 years to the day since a lengthy fun run was held in Blantyre!

Reader Kenny Dalgleish shared the certificate and the photos are from the Blantyre Project Archive. Pictured is Janet Brown (nee Cook). This ‘fun run’ on 19th June, 1983 was held as part of the Blantyre Civic Week.

Tickets were purchased at the Elizabeth Scott centre, and the community hall across from David Livingstone church.

Kenny added, “It’s crazy to think a community fun run was set up at the rather long distance of 11 miles; usually these things are maybe 5 km or 5 miles ! Route started behind the sports centre, then along Glasgow road to the West end and down the Old Farm Road. It then progressed through Uddingston and Bothwell , then passing the racecourse before turning up Caird st and into Whitehill. Final section of race saw it pass through Burbank, before turning into Springwells and up to Welsh Drive. It ended with a straight run down Victoria St, and ending back in the park.”

It may have been called the Blantyre Fun Run, but most of it was outside of our town! The event was held each year during Civic Week from 1983-1988, where the final year changed to a more inclusive 10km run. It would be very interesting if anyone had any photos from this time

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