1909 Ness’s School, Glasgow Road

Alan Scullion shared this wonderfully, clear photo of Stonefield Parish School, dating from around 1909. Affectionately more commonly known as Ness’s School. Alan told me, “I have some of my elderly aunts old photos, her family were between Burnbank and Blantyre. “

“These feature some old school pictures of her dad William McClelland (1900-1971) he was born Blantyre at HillView Cottage and the youngest of 6 as far as I know. His uncle was mentioned in your story of the runaway horse and carriage incident I assume as he is on the 1901 census as a George McClelland  Carriage Hirer.

In this Stonefield Primary photo he is seated on chair 3rd from right.  These boys were pretty lucky to be born in the year they were, falling into a category of “just being too young” to go to war in the following decade. The teacher is unknown to me.

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