Tommy Morgan’s Shop

Who remembers Tommy Morgan’s shop on Station Road? It will take a person of a certain age to recall this little wooden shop, which stood isolated and standing itself on a big open plot of land.

During the 1950’s and 60s it was run by Tommy MORGAN and his wife. It was a wooden hut, very basic inside apparently and fondly remembered for selling great sweets and jubilees. It probably did well from having so many houses directly opposite. I thought the location strange, such a small building sitting on a big plot. I don’t have a record of when they ceased trading and there’s no registered deaths for a Thomas Morgan in Blantyre. The shops is shown by a red arrow on this 1950 aerial photo of the village.


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  1. catherine Heng nee Nugent

    I remember it well, my favourite was a Lucky Tattie.

  2. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    I remember the shop well and yes, I know my grannie was mortified if we went down there which we did occasionally to buy a jubilee or try a penny in the one armed banďit..a gateway to later betting on annuthing else.!! We always felt a bit of disloyalty to May MacInleys shop if we bought a penny caramel down there as May MacInleys had them too.
    But they jubilee frozen treats were the absolute best on a warm sunny day…

  3. Although I do not remember buying anything from the shop, I remember it well but for the bookies and the betting (illegal in those days) which took place behind the shop!

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