Merry Christmas Everybody

I’d like to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and thank you to all the nearly 15,000 people following this popular page who follow Blantyre Project posts so avidly here each day.  

It’s been another difficult year for us all as a cost of living crisis bites into all households, so soon after pandemic. For me personally it was difficult. From failing health at the beginning of the year, to a long, slow recovery which I underestimated, it was good again to get back on my feet in the second half of the year. One thing is for sure, having a hobby such as this, keeps me motivated and in good spirits whatever life throws at me. It focuses the mind, often giving me a sense of purpose and with thanks to the skills of modern surgery, I’m thankful to be here to continue!

However, I’m not quite finished with health issues yet, currently awaiting keyhole kidney surgery, but I’m thankful to be told once this is done, my health SHOULD be back to normal! Anyway, enough of my woes.

How are YOU?! Hope you’ve had a good year. As always, I’ve learned plenty these last 12 months reading your comments and appreciate all your input and interesting messages. With motivation still at an all time high, I can confidently say, I’ll be scheduling posts for some time to come.

Blantyre Project is approaching its twelfth year of dedicated daily posts. That’s well over an entire fifth of my life faithfully writing up….. every single day about Blantyre! I’m extremely proud of that commitment, an effort I hope you’re enjoying too.

With the website expanding with daily content, writing and recording it on other sources has never been so important. I recently published “Journey in Time Volume 5” which has been well received. You may recall, I’ve been writing a novel about Irish Immigration to Scotland. All I need is time to finish it! Publishing that in 2023 is the goal.

What a reach this page continues to have all over the world. Who would have thought this little town could attract SO much attention not just in Lanarkshire, but from further afield and from ex-pats all over the world!? It warms my heart to read messages every week from people interested in what’s being shown.

From Blantyre Project, (that’s me…Paul Veverka), no matter where you are in the world, I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. Peace, warmth and happiness to you all over the festive season.

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  1. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    A very happy Christmas to you and yours too Paul and again thankyou for your faithfulness, passion and commitment to posting something every day. I certainly feel very connected back home with every post. What a mammoth job! And good luck with finding time and the head space to write another book!

    So sorry to hear of your next lot of surgery, but trust in those medics to take care of you, and follow their path to recovery in the new year, it’s why we’re called patients eh? Recovery a slow process, every day we get stronger is a blessing.

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