Miners Welfare Community Resource Centre

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but the brand new Miners Welfare Community Resource Centre finally has its scaffolding down as of June 2022, with the roof complete, as it edges closer to completion.

This important building for Blantyre, situated on Calder Street burned down suddenly in the early hours of Monday 13th November 2017 with the site sitting derelict for just over 3 years. The fire displaced several groups and shocked the whole community.

Insured, funds were eventually released to rebuild, which with the assistance of the Miners Welfare, promises to be an exceptional building once again.

Fleming Construction started this brand new build laying first foundations in February 2021 and a year and a half on, Blantyre once again has a brand new multi million pound community building which is sure to be one of the most important hubs we’ll have in this town. Built sympathetically in design to match the existing Welfare adjacent, some of the features including the original stone facade were retained.

Internal fitout is underway and following permission from the Welfare, we hope to give you a sneak peak before it opens later in the year.

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