Altering High Blantyre School, 1905

I’ve recently had cause to rename this photo from being taken in 1906 or so, to 1905 or earlier. Not to worry, as I don’t mind admitting if something needs correction. You see, I found some news which definitely places this great photo of High Blantyre School on Hunthill Road as being earlier than I thought.

This photo is of an election day at either a general or local election, the candidates out in the street doing some last minute canvassing and a couple of watching police officers looking on to keep order.

The reason for my reassessment was all to do with the front of the school, which if anybody who went to that school will remember, didn’t quite look like that with the main doorway on the front. The school facade was altered quite significantly to make way for more classrooms at the front and the door was removed, sealed up as a window with new doorways created at either side for “boys and girls” separate entrances.

The Blantyre School Board meeting in December 1905 stated, “The Chairman further reported that the new classrooms at the front of High Blantyre School had been completed and were now being occupied by the children, who had for some time ben accommodated in the nearby Parish Halls. They had been much later in getting into the school than expected and a letter had been received thereon by the Architect Mr Paterson which he would call upon the clerk to read. The clerk submitted the letter dated 2nd (December) in which the architect regretted the delay in getting the school finished and ready for occupancy owing to some joinerwork which was then still to do. He had found it quite hopeless to hurry on the firm of joiners entrusted with the work. They had been very dilatory all along and he expected they would so until they finished.”

Assuming even the School Board would not instruct such significant work during term time, it is probable the changed to the school took place in Summer 1905 or during mid term holiday in Autumn 1905.

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