Pole Pawns Pal’s Property

Entrusted with a watch, albert and badge by a compatriot to keep for him whilst he underwent a 30 day prison sentence, Adam Brown a Polish miner of Broompark Place pawned the articles on the 4th February 1908.

This was the very day after his pal had asked him to keep them for him. Adam received 15s, and redeemed them again a little later that month, only to sell them again this time for 25s. Pawning property wasn’t uncommon by miners and if done carefully could see money increasing. Miners would do this often with clothes and jewellery as they awaited their next paypacket, but what WAS uncommon, was doing it with somebody else’s property!

When his mate came out of prison on 3rd March he requested the return of his property but Brown refused knowing fine well where it was in the pawn shop. When his mate insisted, Brown threatened him with violence if he kept asking about the items.

The police were informed and traced the items to the pawn shop. At Hamilton J.P Court, the justices agreed that Brown had acted improperly and effectively stolen the items, without permission to sell them. It was HIS turn to receive 30 days imprisonment.

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