Goodfellow Accident, 1908

1930s High Blantyre Station

On Monday 6th April 1908 , a distressing accident took place at High Blantyre near the former Railway Station, which left many local people shocked.

A platelayer, John Henderson Goodfellow of Fullarton’s Land, High Blantyre had been working on the railway line about 20 yards south of the signal cabin. (pictured in the middle of the photo). Sadly, he was run down by an engine which was pulling 8 waggons, the entire train running over him. Dr Grant was called for who proclaimed that death had been instantaneous. It was a difficult scene for the poor doctor, as Goodfellow had suffered some terrible injuries.

It wasn’t known how the accident happened, made all the more bizarre by the fact the engine had been going incredibly slowly. It was put down to lack of awareness as John crossed the line. John Goodfellow was 53 years old when he died and left behind a widow.

High Blantyre Railway Station is pictured sometime later in the 1930s. A good photo which shows Craigmuir Road on the left leading over the bridge and up to the brickie.

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