Pey Bridge Supports

Local man Alex Rochead had recently taken some photos of the former Pey Bridge abutments. The old stone abutments on the Blantyre side of the River Clyde are still there from the first suspension bridge.

In February 2022, he revisited the area as it was always his intention to have a look over on the Bothwell side to see if anything remained there too. On one particularly nice dry day he crossed the Livingstone Bridge to have a look.

Further upstream, beyond the weir on each riverbank, are the stone supports which still remain from the old 19th Century Suspension bridge. It made me wonder just how many thousands of people crossed this bridge during the Century it spanned that location of the river and it would have been only a few years old when David Livingstone himself came back to visit Blantyre at New Year 1856/57.

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