1957 Janet Duncan

Finding a black and white, grainy photo of my mother , Janet Duncan from 1957, I realised she’s 10 years old in it, the same age as my daughter currently is. I decided to sharpen the photo, then coloured it, which I think, turned out rather well.

Then, finally, using the better quality image, it was put through animation software, providing an unseen glimpse into what my mother may have looked like at that age. This may not mean much to readers of the page, but to see facial features you recognise from so many other family members, is quite spellbinding!

I’m happy to try this for anybody with a half decent forward facing photo of a Blantyre relative.


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  1. Oh my gosh Paul, This picture of Janet (Jinty) brought back many memories from high Blantyre Primary School when we were wee.

  2. Fantastic just love what you have done with an old photo

  3. Hi Paul, hope your recovery still going well, and isn’t this the most beautiful pic of your Mum, she looks stunning and so lovely to see her eyes and face move, well done,

  4. Jacqueline Galliford Thomas

    Your result is incredible. I’ve never seen this done before. You must be absolutely delighted with the result. This takes a still photo to level I never thought possible!

  5. What a marvellous job you have done, Paul.
    You could not possibly mistake Janet as not eingone of the Duncan family. Many thanks.

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