Getting Stronger

A little update to let you know how my recovery after surgery is going.

As many will know, I had a triple heart bypass on 20th February and after a little extra time in Intensive care than I had hoped for, I was moved to the wards, then eventually discharged from hospital last weekend. I’ve been home for a week now as my recovery begins.

I’m thankful to be back home in familiar surroundings and feel this has helped my recovery. It’s been tough, exhausting and painful. The slightest small movement leaving me feeling exerted and tired. The vein used for my heart was harvested from a full length cut from my groin to ankle of my left leg and it is that particular large, long wound which has been most felt, especially when standing.

However, I am getting stronger.

A week of firsts. Being able to get showered and dressed by myself. Other simple things we all take for granted leaving me feeling accomplished. Getting up off chairs, answering the door or phone, putting on socks etc. My appetite is still there though I have dropped several pounds.

My bandages came off wounds today giving me a first chance to properly see my scars on chest and leg. Quite neat and starting to heal. I have some stitches in my chest to get out next week. Still in pain but definitely turned a corner with that, thankfully! I’ve not been outside in several weeks, so today i’m going to try to walk my driveway and sit with a coffee in this unusual March sunshine. I’ve been watching the war in Ukraine unfold on TV and feel for all those desperate people in far worse situations than myself. I can only watch so much. (whilst in hospital, the morphine was making me dream i was there in Ukraine)

I’m thankful for scheduling all those posts in advance here which has meant an uninterrupted service for Blantyre Project during my recovery. Even on the operating table, it meant the site was posting, fresh new content for you all. I’m sure many people may not have noticed I was away!

The pain i felt from breathlessness IS away, so I’m confident the surgery has been a success, the exertion i’m feeling in a different place now as my wounds heal.

With reduced painkillers, this ‘post surgery brain fog’ is thankfully lifting, being able to think much clearer. Today, I feel motivated enough to open up an existing book draft and do something productive whilst still resting, a solid plan in these coming weeks off work.

Finally, thanks for all your messages, emails and best wishes. They were all most appreciated and kept my spirits high and my outlook, positive. Recovery will take time and I plan on taking it easy.


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  1. Best wishes for your speedy recovery, Paul! Thanks for keeping all these great posts going. Take it easy.

  2. So pleased to read of your good recovery. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep us posted. Thanks for keeping the Blantyre posts going too. My brother had a triple bypass in the mid-eighties – it’s not an easy op to go through. He took up tapestry to help keep him occupied and basically did what he was told.

  3. Well done Paul, recovery is a s…l….o….w….process, enjoy this quiet time in reflection and restitution, so good to hear how well the surgery went and great that they kept you in ICU for an extended time, to be safe and well…. I did feel/know you were gone, but did keep reading the articles you had placed, thinking of you and praying for your safe recovery, Our Blantyre fix was fed well…thankyou for your commitment, now take care of yourself and enjoy that wee walk down the path.

  4. Great to have this positive update,

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