Horse Troubles, 1907

1910 McLean’s Springfield Mineral Water Company Drivers

On Thursday 26th September 1907, a horse came “a cropper” on the Spittal Brae. It had been yoked to a mineral delivery cart (at that time called a lorry) and was travelling back to Blantyre when it suddenly collapsed. The horse had been pulling aerated mineral water deliveries.

A reporter picking up the story, tracked down a wee boy who had witnessed the event and asked him for the purposes of his planned newspaper story, “What had gone wrong with the horse?”

An informative response came back from the lad, “O naething gaed wrang wi’ it! It jist drapt doon an died.”

Aerated mineral water delivery ‘lorries’ belonging to McLean Brothers are pictured in this era at High Blantyre.

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