Sticky Pews, 1907

I’ve been exploring Blantyre news from the first decade of the 20th Century in recent weeks. Here’s another nice wee story which made me smile. On Sunday 22nd September 1907, the Anderson Church on Stonefield Road re-opened after being closed for 4 weeks.

The building had been in the hands of painters and decorators and as the congregation returned, their admiration for the new colours and decor quickly changed to one of complaint by the end of the service.

After sitting down on the seats, by the end of the service some folk had trouble getting back up again, their clothing sticking to the varnished wood. It turned out that the varnish hadn’t quite dried properly causing the pews to be sticky. Assurances were given for the following week, that all would be well.

The Anderson church is pictured in 1930.

1930 Anderson Church

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