Calderwood Castle

This photo of Calderwood Castle was taken by local photographer David Ritchie around 1905.

By this time, Calderwood Castle was under the ownership of the Co-Operative Society, who would permit excursions to the castle by their members. The former Castle, only around 2 miles from High Blantyre was purchased in 1902 by the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Company for the princely sum of £36,500. (just under £5,000,000 in todays money). The sum whilst significant wasn’t just for the impressive castle itself, but the acquisition of the estate came with 1,250 acres!

The castle was situated in an area of great natural beauty and by 1908, the grounds contained 7 miles of woodland trails and the many waterfalls in the River Calder gorge provided even more attraction. A hall within the grounds was capable of accommodating 1,500 visitors.

An interesting museum was also within the Castle, popular with visitors who would arrive at the nearby Calderwoodhalt Station.

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