New Bothwell Castle

Sometimes, I’m “stumped” and need help. That can happen often when researching history and so recently, I called upon the members of the Group “Lost Houses of the Clyde Valley” who were quick to solve the puzzle.

I’ve had this photo for some time and suspected it was the Clyde and one of the grand houses on the Bothwell side of the riverbank. Initially thinking it was taken under the Craighead viaduct, I doubted myself quickly when i realised the topography didn’t fit.

This 1905 – 1910 photo is taken by early Blantyre photographer, David Ritchie and is the River Clyde, but I just couldn’t place he location of the big house and was thrown by how he took the picture. Boat? Bridge? Riverbank? I’ve coloured the photo to get a better idea of what David was looking at all those years ago.

It was quickly confirmed to me that the Blantyre side is indeed on the left and the house, when zoomed in, is actually the “new” Bothwell Castle, e.g Bothwell House which has long since been demolished. This is a side elevation, a small part of a grand building which was much larger and longer.

The photo was taken at one of the ferry boat (rowing boat) crossings, as at the opposing bank once stood a boat house. On the left is the Priory Plantation, which to this day is still very much overgrown.

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  1. Such a shame all the old places disappearing Paul, lovely photos though

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