Juvenile Desperadoes

Don’t blame me for the title, this was reporters choice of words in the Hamilton Herald and Lanarkshire Weekly News in May 1908, reminding their readers of the old adage, “Better meddle wi’ the devil, than the bairns o’ Blantyre” in relation to a break in.

It was said that in the first week of May, three ‘juvenile desperadoes’ raided the Blantyre Bowling Club pavilion just off Stonefield Road, removing packs of playing cards. A bizarre theft which was said to have for some days thereafter in the nearby “raws” seen many deals where “£ s and d were trumps.”

The former pavilion is pictured on ground once known as “Pilot Acre” and you can see the original, smaller brick pavilion nearby.

1920s Blantyre Bowling Club

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