1910’s Main Street

I think this photo is the 1910s , possibly into 1920’s. Certainly its around 100 years old and the location is High Blantyre Main Street. This is taken where the entrance to Kirkton Park is now. The tall tenement of Robert Todd’s Bakers being where the new house is now built at the entrance to that park. You can see Loch Ryan cottage (McLeans Newsagents), but the tenements beyond that on the left are now mostly demolished. On the right are the Co Buildings.

The street looks strangely narrow, and of course this is a time with little or no mechanised vehicles. If the photographer had panned right they would have seen Priestfield and the big tree near the Masonic Hall.

A sleepier scene by stark contrast to today. I wonder what those people in the street would have made of the modern photo from the same perspective?

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