Condition of Craig Street, 1909

In early November 1909, Mr McCall raised the topic of the condition of Craig Street at a Blantyre Parish Council meeting. In particular he wanted the street to be properly “made”, rather than left as a rough track.

By 1909, houses on either side the northern end of Craig Street had been built near its junction of Glasgow Road (now Asda Carpark) and new homes had been built along the eastern side from the Congregational Church right up to the Auchinraith School. There was now a need for improvement on the carriageway surface.

The matter had already been referred to the County Council but nothing had been done. It had been raining heavily that winter and it was pointed out that there was simply no way to evade the large, deep puddles of water that made it impassable. Mr McCall stated that it was a “dangerous” situation raising some sarcasm from a colleague when Mr McMillan commented, “Has anybody been drowned?”.

Mr Welsh however came to the defence of Mr McCall stating that the road was a liability and that children attending the school would think nothing of wading through the water to get to school on time, sitting in class with soaken wet feet, boots and trousers. If for that reason alone, something should be done.

The subject had first been raised in 1907 where the Trustees of Clark Forrest had been approached about the new school, promising that the road would be made into good repair, then handed over to the County Council to be adopted. It was agreed by all that the road should be repaired by 1910. The road did actually look ok a few years earlier according to this photo, but it’s easy to see how a well used track, no more than a couple of metres wide could become in a poor state of repair quickly.

Auchinraith School opening

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