1993 Cochrane’s Chapel

Jackie Lindsay shared this photo from 1993. Taken 28 years ago, this is all that was left after the council demolished the ruined chapel to make it safe. In the back, is the floor of the former Cochrane’s Chapel which was in the woodland near Priory Bridge, just off Kirkwall Avenue.

The grave markers and memorial stones of the family are situated near to the base of the building. This chapel was erected by the Cochrane family after the death of Pelham Maitland Cochrane, a young man who died on the railway next to his home at Calderglen back in the 1880s.

The beautiful wall mosaics from this building were preserved at can be seen at Hamilton Library at the stone staircase on the first floor. Today, the site is completely covered in 200mm of growth, leaves and soil. Nature has most definitely reclaimed this site, though some may still remember playing in the ruins as children.

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