Calderglen Glasshouse, 1993

Blantyre Project reader Jackie Lindsay, who lives in Wales has a nice Blantyre connection. She is related to the Cochrane family whom in the late 19th and early 20th Century once lived at Calderglen House.

Upon a visit to Blantyre back in 1993, Jackie took this photo was captured the derelict glass hothouse which once sat on the terraces of the gardens to the east of the house. This Victorian glasshouse would have been quite splendid in its time and well used by the gardeners employed in the Cochrane era. Do YOU remember this glasshouse?

I have a photo of how this used to look a few decades before, which I’ve colourised as attached.

1970s Calderglen Glass House


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  1. I remember visiting Calderglen House in the sixties when the Archers stayed there. Did not get to see its extensive rooms or the glasshouse but it must have been lovely like you show it was in 1970.
    Anyone remember the Archers? I think they kept pigs.

    1. Hi there – a belated reply. I am their Grand-daughter. I have very very vague memories of the house. I can confirm they did keep pigs.

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