Stonefield Parish Church Group

Penny Robertson who lives in Australia has shared this wonderful photo of her family members who once lived in Blantyre. The photo is of Stonefield Parish Church Outing, just before WW1. The location is unknown but it looks like the boys have brought along some footballs for a summer ‘kick about’. In the middle I see Rev Thomas Pryde, the minister of the former Church which one sat on Glasgow Road at the corner of Church Street.

Penny told me, “My grandfather, Daniel Sprott, is second from the right, and my grandmother (looking rather glum) is sitting next to him, third from the right. “

Some of the women wearing Edwardian bonnets, large hats so fashionable of this era and a preference certainly for whiter, brighter clothes, a stark contrast from the end of Victorian times a, decade previous. I’ve zoomed in on some faces. These are Blantyre people and its highly likely people in Blantyre today are related to these folk.

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