Sneak Peak at Birthplace

The David Livingstone Birthplace re-opens in Blantyre in just over a months time on Wednesday 28th July 2021.

The extensive £9.1m renovation of the museum, cafe, shop and toilets promises to be exciting and put Blantyre firmly back on the map. As the countdown continues, here’s a sneak peak at the Birthplace room, which when this was taken was in the process of being prepared and dressed for exhibiting.

It was in this very room, that allegedly David Livingstone, the famous explorer was born on 19th March 1813. The room was proudly shown to thousands of visitors by later resident, Mrs Gilbert early in the 20th Century, long after Livingstone’s death and prior to the formation of the museum.

There is SO much to see….and the only way to see it is to buy a ticket! The David Livingstone Birthplace exhibition space will operate from April to December, with annual passes and day tickets both available.  To find out more about the David Livingstone Birthplace and to buy tickets, please visit

Photo Courtesy: Kat Gollock


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  1. Hi Linda – Don’t worry! Its NOT going to look like that! This was just the start of the museum being dressed and theres still loads to go into the room, including making it look older, and the bed and many other items. This was only the start of the decoration and aesthetics will be different. This is just a tiny part of the museum and Im sure everything else like this when finished, will look amazing. I wouldn’t post the finished result as its for people to see in the museum , not online.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I was so looking forward to going back to my old haunt next time I’m home in Blantyre from New Zealand.

    Unfortunately this peek into the room where David Livingstone was born, leaves me astonished at the transformation, not in a good way.

    It is completely different than how I recall the room before this “re-modelling, everything looks “new”. This would certainly not have been how his home looked, where is the “set in the wall bed?”

    I am now considering not visiting on my homeward journey after borders open again. It is so disappointing. Thanks for the preview Paul
    Kind regards Linda

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