James Jackson

This is Blantyre man James Jackson, pictured last Century at the Pyramids in Egypt. A military man, James was the former owner of Croftfoot, the house I live in now at High Blantyre.

These photos were shared by his relative, Jan Jackson who has been kind enough to share several photos relating to Croftfoot. There was quite a history of serving in the forces in this family over several generations. James also had a keen interest in Curling, with the front and reverse view of one of his medals also pictured here.

The medal dates from 25th July 1888 and was presented to James by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. Blantyre had an exceptionally fine curling team around those years, winning the competition outright a few years later in 1893. There are a couple of very old curling stones in my garden, though I don’t know how they got there.

Although I obviously have no association with military, this photo did remind me of visiting Egypt to the same location in 2006. I wonder what James would have made of a future owner of his home, going on holiday to Egypt for a long weekend! How smaller the world has become in just a hundred years.


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  1. Michael McGovern

    We here in New York only knew that curling was a Canadian sport. Now on cable TV they have a daily show of curling tournaments. This week they show games being broadcast from Scotland. It is fun to watch, especially the Scottish team. Does anyone know where in Scotland it is taped from?

    1. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

      The current curling match on New York cable TV from Scotland is Canada vs. Czech Republic.

    2. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

      Just saw that the curling TV venue is at Aberdeen.

  2. Hi Paul, always a lovely surprise when I open up and find some family pictures (even though I have sent them) always with a nice write up. I would think it could easily have been James Jackson that left his curling stones at Croftfoot.

    Regards, Jan J

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