James Brownlie Snr & Agnes Carmichael

Blantyre couple, James Brownlie Senior (b1845-d1939) and his wife Agnes Carmichael (b1840) are pictured here. Perhaps photographed for an Anniversary or family occasion? Married in 1871, they look older than they would have been that year and I’m guessing the photo is around 1900.

The couple lived with their family at 58 Hunthill Road (McDougall’s Property), High Blantyre. Their grandsons, Hugh and William died young. (Hugh died 1914 and William died in 1926) both died from Scarlatina. Their granddaughter, Jessie also died from the same condition in 1914. Their son Jimmy Brownlie (jnr) was the famous Blantyre footballer who ended up playing at Dundee.

James Brownlie & Agnes Carmichael

Agnes Carmichael died on 13th April, 1918, aged 78 during WW1 with James outliving her by some time until 1939.

This is a photograph of James Brownlie Senior’s three daughters. Agnes, Margaret and Christina Brownlie. With thanks to Elizabeth Merchant for these photos.

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  1. Hi I was reading this post and wondered if there was a connection with my Great Gran Marion Brownlie (1885) she had brothers/sisters James, Thomas, John, Margaret, William (died young), Hugh (died young) and Annabella. They were born in Blantyre. I was wondering if Jimmy (snr) was maybe her father?

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