Asda Car Park, 1983

These photos when taken in 1983 were to show the new Asda superstore and the large carpark, a far cry from the homes which had been bought over by compulsory purchase on Craig Street some years earlier. Now, these photos appear dated mostly due to the cars, from nearly 4 decades ago.

The planted areas later were all removed to form larger trolley bays, then later the covered bays we have now. With this saw the removal of the small trees. If I recall though, these trees never really amounted to much. Like those in the brick planters at Clydeview Shopping Centre, many quickly died and I don’t remember them being there at all in the 1990’s.

These photos show the carpark just as busy as it is today, attracting shoppers from further afield, not just who stayed in Blantyre. 

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