Asda Petrol Station, 1983

The scene is strangely familiar, yet different and dated. This is the entrance to Asda Petrol Station in Blantyre taken from just before Logan Street in 1983. The ESSO Petrol Station had a central kiosk, long before the days of paying at the pump. Petrol looks to be 45.5p per litre and you’ll notice the old orange Asda logos. At the background to the left is the former white library building at Calder Street. 

In 1988, I worked at Asda Petrol Station kiosk, as one of the first jobs I ever had. It was an early start, before most other Asda workers having to open the kiosk around 6am, not a great task in winter dark mornings! I only had a weekend job, but loved working those shifts. I felt distinctly left alone by Asda Managers, remotely working in the kiosk with a colleague I got on well with. The kiosk soon had a radio to pass away the hours. The pay was good too. Saturdays were time and a half and Sundays, double time back then. I always felt like I got a wage for 3.5 days, despite only working 2!

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