1925 Blantyre Priory

This photo is a little ripped but the place, time and people are known.

On the back it says, “Men from the Village”. The Year is also marked as 1925 and the location? Of course, its Blantyre Priory near the edge of the River Clyde opposite Bothwell Castle.

In fact Bothwell Castle can be seen in the background to the right sneaking through the trees in what looks like a scene between October and April. The shadows lean long to the west, meaning it’s a morning photo, the sun low in the eastern sky.

The twelve men look fairly young all quite well dressed, as was the norm then for any day out. There’s certainly a fair amount of bravado too for those perching themselves at the top of this crumbling ruin. It’s a great photo and want to say thanks to Kathleen for sending it in.

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  1. Might someone know any names?

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