1921 Greenhall Lodge

After yesterday’s photo and discussion about Greenhall Lodge, a couple of people have asked for a better photo. This previously unseen photo is in my ownership and shows Greenhall Lodge in 1921 in all its glory.

Situated at the eastern entrance to Greenhall Estate, this former stone built gate house was privately owned by the Wardrop Moore family, transferring to the Paul family in 1921 and typically housed their gardeners or coachmen. There’s some lovely gothic looking wooden carved detail above the gables and porch and although small, it’s perfectly formed, heated by at least three fireplaces. The columns at the entrance, arched windows and its location nestled amongst the woodland, giving it an impressive charm.

Known to be there in 1895 occupied by John Lyon, a gardener of Greenhall employed by Mr. Wardrop Moore. Detached, with a slate roof, it sat at the entrance gate to Greehall Estate, just off the Turnpike Road, High Blantyre. The whole lodge felt very European or continental in style, perhaps reflecting the Wardop Moore owners of Greenhall’s love for travel. 

The last person to live in the cottage was a Mr. Norrie Bruce and his family. Norrie was the propagator at the nursery in Stonefield Park when that park was Blantyre’s pride and joy. The lodge house was demolished in 1966. In 2013, the council painted the nearby estate gate pillars pink, which were sited from where this picture was taken.

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