1921 Greenhall Estate

Continuing our look at Greenhall Estate and a few more photos this week, which I hope you won’t have seen before. Taken from a 1921 sales brochure in my ownership, these photos have been beautifully colourised to enhance and show what the estate once looked like.

This lovely woodland scene may be slightly familiar, though the house is no longer there. It looks through to where the Greenhall Carpark is now. There are actually bollards now at the end of this track. The sloping field is out the picture to the left and the Calder slopes down steeply on the right to the river.

Some of these trees are still there today. The knotted, gnarly tree on the left is still there though now massive. The conifers no more than the height of a person in 1921, were storm damaged in recent decades and recently cut down. You will get a feel from this photo, just how impressive it must have been arriving by horse and carriage along this road as the scene opened up to the grand house and lovely gardens.

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  1. Beautifully captures the feeliing of “coming home” at a time in the past. Well done!

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