1832 Clayhouse, The Village

Here’s something interesting. An old, long forgotten place in Blantyre near the Village.

On John Thomspons 1832 Atlas of Scotland map, is a place named ‘Clayhouse’ on the road which became Station Road. In 1832 this was the main thoroughfare down to Blantyre Works Village. The building is substantial enough to be separately shown on the map and like others surrounding it, may have been a former farm.

I know why it vanished too. In the late 1840’s, the location was clearly destroyed by the arrival and building of the Caledonian Railway from Hamilton to Glasgow. The location of Clayhouse, looks to be around the same place where now Blantyre Station is, also on that right hand side of the track.

This may have been a reference to brick or tile making. The fields adjacent which would become the public park were know to contain a heavy clay and on 1859 map, its clear it was being utilised.

Even by the 1850’s, Clayhouse would have been a distant memory. I’ve been unable to find anything else about this location, other than the census information in 1841. It would seem the name Clayhouse was gone when the railway was constructed.

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