Re-animating George Cullen

We’ve launched a brand new feature today at Blantyre Project called, “Re-Animation”! Incredibly, we’re now able to take a good quality, forward facing old image of a person and make a 13 second video of their face! See how they once looked at a time before film, or when no film existed!

Like this short video of George Cullen. George was the janitor at High Blantyre School and from just one photograph which existed of him in 1910, we were able to recreate this video. It may be a little strange to do such a thing, nor perfect but it does give a glimpse of how he may have looked.

If you’re interested in this for your own ancestors, please do get in touch.

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  1. How amazing is that. I wish I had picture I could send to you. Hope you are well. Jan J

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