Auchentibber School, 1935

Reader, Janice Rodgers shared this photo a few weeks back. Taking you back now to Auchentibber School and 1935, some 86 years ago. Janice told me, “My dad, marked X was born 28 May 1927. So perhaps around 7 or 8 years old here”

Looking through all the faces, this was before school uniforms, the children dressed rather casually. The barefeet of previous decades now covered by shoes and boots.

Many of these kids would have been from Auchentibber itself. The nearby Italian Gardens were quite overgrown in this era, perhaps even unkept with the demise of the adjacent Auchentibber Inn. As they got older, these children most likely would have mostly transferred to High Blantyre School.

Today the former Auchentibber School is a nicely kept private house.

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