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  1. Remember it well Paul. Poor kids found a penny gobstopper increased 20%!
    No retailers rounded down that I recall, so getting in line with the rest of the world did mean a cost of living increase (IMO).
    Elderly were constantly converting and complaining.

    The video is great and reminds me how UK talked of going totally metric.
    As a young draughtsman in Belmos, I remember the appointment of a “metrics officer” to guide and effect the necessary changes to drawings and draughting practices.
    Here we are 50 years later buying petrol in litres but measuring performance in miles per gallon, talking of “a hawf” in millilitres but beer in pints. Many recipes still in cups, tablespoons, teaspoons and parts thereof. Indeed much talk but slow action as discussed in the video.

    Other local currencies were ration coupons which ended in the early 50s and Blantyre “Co checks”.

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